By: Chelsea Toczauer

Cooliris, a photo sharing app, has seen a successful break into the Chinese market in its established partnership with Renren (a Chinese social networking site similar to Facebook).

In this interview on Caixin online (the top Chinese finance and business paper), Cooliris CEO Soulanya Bhukmar shares on his experience in the Chinese market, working with Renren, surpassing competition, and finding success in the world’s largest mobile and smartphone market.

Bhukmar starts off with a humbling truth in saying, “Just because you’re in China doesn’t mean you’re successful.”

To be successful, he says you have to surpass the challenges the Chinese markets present.

“Language?”, he doesn’t even have to play with the idea as he answers himself immediately- “No, language was the least of the problems [they encountered].”

Bhukmar presses on a point this blog has highlighted before (i.e. here and here).  To overcome the challenges of the Chinese market you need to “really understanding the consumer behavior; there’s no such thing as one size fits all.  You need to understand the unique needs of the consumer in a given place.”

This being said, it’s clearly evident that boots-on-the ground really is a necessity in the business realm to find success.

Check out the full interview here at Caixin online.

Thumbnail image credit to Mark Berthold at Flickr.