Foreign Interests

Mexico’s energy reforms present opportunities for Colorado
Denver Post
While offshore oil and gas are major parts of the Mexican energy reform, Smith and Solis emphasize the opportunities for unconventional oil and gas, renewable energy, and electiity grid improvement as well. This could be of particular interest to companies in Colorado, many of whom have extensive experience with as well of infrastructure for developing unconventional oil and gas.

Price Plunge Adds New Wrinkle to Mexican Energy Reform
The Texas Tribune
As oil values drop, questions arise from Texas about its potential benefit from the Mexican oil reform. Politicians and economists in Texas say the state could benefit in both jobs and revenue from its expertise in oil and its close proximity to Mexico. However, the dropping prices have raised concerns about negotiations and investor action.

Mexico’s Energy Reforms Under Spotlight in San Antonio
San Antonio Business Journal
The “Mexico: Opportunities in a New Market” conference in San Antonio presented the array of opportunities and challenges that lie ahead with the newly enacted energy reforms in Mexico. Duncan Wood of the Wilson Center’s Mexico Institute said the biggest hurdle will be finding qualified workers for energy-related jobs since Mexico does not have community colleges. This may bring about an opportunity San Antonio because of its large, mobile workforce, said University of Texas at San Antonio professor Thomas Tunstall.

Bipartisan Movement Towards Stronger Energy Ties with Mexico
Oil and Gas 360
Twenty U.S. senators have asked Commerce Secretary Penny Pritzker to authorize oil exportation to Mexico, saying energy relations would be mutually beneficial. The proposal suggests PEMEX would import light-crude to mix with its heavier crude, while the U.S. would get heavier Mexican crude for processing domestically.

Oil Majors Show Early Interest in Mexico Bidding Round
Wall Street Journal
The initial phase of bidding for exploratory oil and gas blocks in the G/ulf of Mexico has drawn the attention of major firms such as Exxon Mobil Corp. and Royal Dutch Shell PLC. Production costs are low at this shallow-water phase of the bidding process, keeping the prospects attractive even with drops in oil prices. More costly in-shale and deep-water blocks will be up for bidding later this year.

Breitling Energy’s CEO to Speak at Important Mexico Shale Summit
Business Wire
CEO Chris Faulkner pushed for a North America energy confederation to rival OPEC while speaking at a two-day oil and gas convention in San Antonio, Texas. The Ministry of Energy in Mexico estimates $100 billion in outside investment will be needed to develop Mexico’s shale alone in the next decade.

UK subsea industry targets opportunities offshore Mexico
Oil and Gas Technology
Subsea UK, a trade association representing the UK’s subsea industry, is working to provide subsea expertise to the newly open Mexican energy industry. Part of their strategy focuses on highlighting the similarities between deep-water exploration in the North Sea, where Subsea UK already operates, and the coast of Mexico.

Mexican Developments

Mexican Billionaire Bailleres “Snags” Oil Expert To Head Petrobal, Pemex’s First Private Competitor
Former Pemex executive Carlos Morales Gil has been chosen as private Mexican oil company Petrobal’s new CEO. Petrobal was launched by Alberto Bailleres González, president of Grupo Bal, the world’s largest silver producer and Mexico’s third richest man.

Mexico’s Cemex creates electricity unit to tap energy reform
Cement maker Cemex has launched an energy division that could provide up to 5 percent of the country’s electivity requirements within five years. Over the next five years, the company is set to invest $30 million into Cemex Energia.

Q&A: Regulator manages risks as Mexico energy policy evolves
Houston Chronicle
As part of its energy reform, Mexico’s National Agency for Safety, Energy and Environment, lead by Carlos de Regules, a former Pemex executive, will regulate oil and gas development in the country. Following a speaking engagement at Rice University’s Baker Institute for Public Policy, he answered questions with the Houston Chronicle, saying the agency would supervise the whole hydrocarbon value chain and balance the risks that come with such operations.


Mexico shale a longer term prospect
Shale Energy Insider
Holding huge amount of shale reserves, Mexico is an attractive investment opportunity. However, many are saying it is more attractive for the medium-to-long-term, as huge amounts of investment will be needed to develop the shale resources. Jorge Piñon, director for the Latin America and Caribbean Energy Program at the University of Texas at Austin says, “Mexico is not a market for today. Mexico is here for tomorrow.”

Mexico: Latin America’s Renewable Energy Crown Jewel
JD Supra Business Advisor
Relatively stable projected economic growth in Mexico has bolstered interest from foreign investors in the renewable energy sector, particularly as such opportunities in the U.S. and Europe have contracted.


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