MEXICO CITY — Jose Carreño Figueras is the foreign news editor at Global, a free-standing international news section of the the Excelsior daily newspaper. He is also the host of “Visiòn GLOBA,” a daily program on Excelsior-TV, a cable news channel.

Carreño is a veteran of Mexican journalism. He has appeared in CNN Español and Univisión (TV), and has been a weekly commentator on the Mexican radio network Antena Radio as well as on BBC Spanish as a commentator on US-Mexico issues. Previously, he held long assignments with the Agencia Mexicana de Noticias (NOTIMEX) working on international issues, as well as Agence France Presse. He was the Washington correspondent for El Universal for seventeen years from 1990 to 2007 and was subsequently the assistant managing editor for their opinion section.

He has been a contributor or guest commentator for Milenio and Excélsior, as well as the magazines Examen and Entorno Político; for UNIVISION, CNN (English and Spanish); NBC; Telemundo; Foro Interamericano (WorldNet); Lehrer NewsHour; CBC; Deutsche Welle (Spanish); TV Azteca; and TeleSur.

He has been a speaker at the US Foreign Service Institute, Harvard University, the Chicago Humanities Festival, and the Council on Foreign Relations.

Carreño has been a guest researcher at the Centro de Diálogo y Análisis sobre América del Norte (CEDAN-Center for Dialogue and Analysis on North America) del Instituto Tecnológico de Monterrey (ITESM).

He studied journalism at the National School of Political and Social Sciences, National Autonomous University of Mexico.